Avalon Retirement Lodge Reviews

"The compassionate approach that the Avalon takes when working with residents and their families is so evident and such a great relief for folks dealing with issues around aging."
5 Stars
Family Member
"Thank you everyone for being so nice.  The welcome from Laurena-Mae and Debbie was warm-hearted and kind.  The nurses were exceptional.  The cleaning staff and dietary staff were outstanding and helpful.  There isn't one thing I can possibly think of, everything was first rate.  The meals were delicious with lots to eat, no one could complain."
5 Stars
Sheila M. Lundy G Thomas (Tom) Lundy
"Very much appreciated - Dad was in and out of the Retirement Lodge three times and each time he was treated with the greatest respect and care.  The last four days of his life he was in the Long Term Care Home and again, the Nursing staff were very caring, ensuring dad was as comfortable as possible.  The Avalon on a whole is a very professional and caring organization. Thank you!"
5 Stars
Carl Spratt, Dave Spratt, Beverley Barclay