Bayfield House Retirement Lodge Reviews

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank the caring staff at Bayfield House for the 5 wonderful years that our mother, spent as a resident. She never tired of the terrific views of the bay and she was always interested in the latest activity on the water, during all four seasons. When we called, it was great to hear her descriptions of passing cruisers, sailboats, float planes, snowmobiles and well as getting updates on the ice forming or breaking up and the latest weather developments on Georgian Bay. 

Mom was a social person and she appreciated the opportunity to interact with the friendly people at Bayfield. She always spoke fondly of the staff and enjoyed getting to know each of them personally, developing close relationships that she kept us up to date on. Mom frequently participated in the many activities and outings at Bayfield. She enjoyed everything from the fashion shows and holiday parties to the shopping excursions and tours. 

Bayfield gave us peace of mind as well, knowing that Mom was being well looked after by thoughtful caregivers. On a number of occasions when Mom was sick or recovering from a procedure, the staff went out of their way to care for her. It was good to know she had such considerate people around her.  

We would like to extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone at Bayfield for making the last 5 years of Mom's life truly wonderful. We will miss our visits to Bayfield and wish everyone the best. 
5 Stars
Dianne Livingston and Gary Millington
"To: Management and staff

This is in regards to your Christmas Buffet on Thursday, Dec. 18th. I was a guest of Madeline Martin and I must say‚?¶.what an excellent dinner your chef prepared!! The food was absolutely delicious‚?¶especially the roast beef. The atmosphere was bright, cheery and most friendly. Congrats to all who organized‚?¶..prepared food and settings‚?¶.the service and clean-up crew. Way to go‚?¶.hopefully I can join you for another of your celebrations.

Sincerely Ruth Sissons 
5 Stars
Ruth Sissons
"Dad and our family were unhappy that Dad could no longer cope on his own and had to make the move to Bayfield. However, after a few weeks it was evident that Bayfield would become his home away from home. As soon as you walk into Bayfield House you can feel it is a happy place, the suites are bright and cheerful, and the local scene murals and art makes the atmosphere homey. You hear a lot of laughter coming from the dining room, and the Wii bowling team. It is the staff that make Bayfield truly special. From the beginning, the staff went out of their way to make Dad feel at home and to assess his interests and get him involved. From Hans, who keeps the building running, to Tina, who always has a smile and  cleans immaculately. Laura and Silke who engage the residents and keep them active. Paula, who always has a friendly smile and "hello dear", and will stop her busy serving duties to listen to a problem or offer advice. Dad says, Tara is a wonderful nurse, who has two babies, one at home and him. Mr Jalette, sets the tone of Bayfield by offering special events, such as boat rides and on a cold winters day, a snowmobile ride. Dad was so impressed that Sherry would take the time out of her busy duties to come and visit him. These are only a few who made Dads stay at Bayfield, although not perfect , a safe caring environment. It is not only Dad who will miss Bayfield and the many friends he made there. My brothers, sister in laws and myself were also welcomed by the staff and the really nice people who call Bayfield Home. 
We would like to say a special thank you.
The Stubbins Family"
5 Stars
Stubbins Family
"We take this opportunity, on behalf of Annas Robinson and her family, to thank all of you.  Mother enjoyed a special, happy, rewarding year at Bayfield House.  She readily expressed her pleasure in the many friends she made with staff and other residents. Personally, we observed your efforts to provide friendly individual care and support for her.   Right from the beginning mother was treated with respect, dignity and love. The Luxurious, comfortable surroundings, as well as the lovely hospitality rooms make this a delightful home.  The dining room is beautiful and the staff there is to be commended for their efforts to please.  We commend you for providing special programs and services for the residents.  Every one of my requests, questions and concerns was addressed by your staff.

A special thank you, to all of you for taking such wonderful care of Mother.  May God bless you.

Yours sincerely, Pauline Hunter"
5 Stars
Pauline Hunter
"Dear Sherry,

Just wanted to say a big thankyou to you both and all of your staff for a wonderful evening at Bayfield House on Saturday. Dinner was delicious and the setting in the dining room was very comfortable and welcoming.  It was especially nice for David and I to reconnect with a few people from our 'past'.  Thankyou very much for all of your efforts.  You really do try to make the holiday time special for your residents and their families and we appreciate it. May you and your families enjoy a wonderful Christmas season.
5 Stars
Kathleen & Dave
"‚??Getting old is not fun‚?Ě‚?¶‚?¶a sentiment that I hear from many of my older friends and relatives along with, ‚??the body doesn‚??t do what it use to‚?¶.I don‚??t have the same energy‚?¶..its‚?? hard to get out, especially in the winter.‚?Ě  Well, I think I have found a possible answer.  Bayfield House Retirement Lodge on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay in Penetanguishene.
My Mom became unable to stay in her own home last winter due to health.  Being a very independent lady for most of her life, a widow for the last 22 years, grew up during the 2nd world war in England, moved to the area when she married my Dad over 50 years ago and went from city girl to farm girl, the thought of not ‚??doing her own thing‚?Ě was devastating.  After a short stay in the hospital, Mom was told she needed a few weeks of ‚??convalescent care‚?Ě, a service provided by some of the retirement homes in the area including Bayfield House.  Since family was in Penetanguishene, Mom moved into Bayfield House for a three week stay.  Mom is still there.
The staff and many of the residents at Bayfield House were very welcoming and did everything possible to make my Mom comfortable.  They understood the big transition for my Mom and went out of their way to help Mom adjust to the new surroundings.  Mom had lived alone for many years and, unable to get out on her own during the winter months, spent countless hours on her own.  Suddenly, there were people around whenever Mom wanted some company.  There were craft sessions, a knitting group,  entertainment from outside groups a couple of times each month, card games, board games, movie nights, exercise groups, pub nights and just someone to have a ‚??cuppa‚?Ě with when Mom wanted company. But when Mom wants quiet‚?¶.she has her own suite, with her own belongings.
As family, what has impressed me the most about Bayfield House, is the staff.  There are always lots of smiles and they are happy to do whatever they can to make my Mom happy.  Knowing my Mom has people available to her 24 hours a day also helps me to be ‚??less stressed‚?Ě.    
Thank you Bayfield House Retirement Lodge for making my Mom‚??s golden years‚?¶..golden.
5 Stars
Pauline Robitaille - daughter of Win Horsfall
"When we decided to have a winter stay in a retirement home, our family toured several homes from here to Barrie.  We chose Bayfield House Retirement Lodge in Penetanguishene and were so impressed the first time around that we decided to come back for another winter.  It√Ę‚?¨‚?Ęs the care and the little things that you get here that make the difference.  There was equipment that was available here that I missed so much when I went back home that I had to buy it for my house for the summer months!  I am a great booster of this jolly spot and you have confirmed it again this year."
5 Stars
Jack Whitfield