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Southampton Care Centre Reviews

  • "Andrea, now that it is over for Enid, I want to thank you and your staff for everything you did for my mother. Time and again, my family and I were struck by the patience and compassion shown by staff, not just to my mother, but to all SCC residents. You are to be commended for your humanity. Thank you for allowing my mother to exit with love and dignity."

    Andrew L.

  • "It is a tough thing to do and not an easy decision but when you lose one parent, the worry sets in for the other. Mom's admission took away the fear for us of her being by herself and thinking about what could happen...She is doing really well here. She is doing more now than she did on her own at home. She's made more social connections. It has made a world of difference. She is living more."

    Former Family Member

  • "I think it is terrific that mom is around the corner from where she lived and raised a family. Even with her dementia, she is happy and comfortable, because things and faces are familiar. The home can provide the care for her that I couldn't"

    Judy B.

  • "Living in a nursing home is better than I imagined. Home is better but this is the next best. It is just a different neighbourhood!"

    Violet S.

  • "Having to make the decision of placing a parent in a nursing home is very upsetting. Last year not only did I have to make that decision for my mother, I also had to help in the placing of my Mother-in-law. My reservations were high. Now one year later getting to know the staff, volunteers and residents I am happy to say it is a very nice place to be. I hope I get the same care in my Golden Years."

    Linda I.

  • "When you look for a Long Term Facility for a family member, you want the Facility to provide a quality of life that "makes a difference". The quality of life at the Southampton Care Home is sculpted by the front line workers who daily make a difference for our mother. Conversations of news, politics and family flow back and forth between the care providers and our mother. The staff deliver a myriad of small actions each day that improves the quality of life for Marion. In many ways, the staff provides an extended family. When issues do develop, the staff and our family work together to find solutions"

    Marion M. and Family

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