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  • "When it is time to make the very difficult decision to put your loved one in a nursing home, the process and choices can be daunting. We were faced with this situation last May, after our 91 year old father had emergency surgery, and due to his blindness, he could no longer care for himself, and was too much care for his wife. So, we did our due diligence and toured all local nursing homes, and ultimately chose Meadow Park. As a medical professional, I hold Care Facilities to a much higher standard than most. However, I can honestly say that Meadow Park has met and exceeded all our expectations! The entire staff shows not only exemplary professionalism and expertise in their care, but the sincere Caring Attitude shown to our father, and our family, by all levels of the staff is amazing. They are all warm, compassionate, kind, gentle, welcoming and reassuring. When we can't be there, they are always willing to talk to us on the phone, and they encourage family participation in all levels of care decisions. Thank you, Meadow Park, for taking such very good care of Dad! With your care we can relax in the knowledge that Dad is not only cared for in a professional sense, but also that the staff truly cares about him on a personal level. Sincerely, Paul and Bonnie S."

    Paul & Bonnie S.

  • "I have had the pleasure of working with the staff at Meadow Park - Chatham for over 2 years now and in all my years in business, I can not recall having such a consistently positive experience. I knew nothing about nursing home care when my mother first came to Meadow Park and the staff not only comforted her through this very difficult transition but they guided myself and my family through the process with understanding and compassion that remains unparalleled. I was so welcomed and so impressed by the work of the staff that I soon became the President of Family Council which is a wonderful way for any family member to learn more about their loved ones new home and how we can all work to make their experience the best possible. It is a cooperative environment that I am proud to be part of."

    Jay C.

  • "Being a senior and trying to fill a void in my life I decided to volunteer at Meadow Park. Never could I ever have imagined that my morning greeting, a simple smile, a gentle touch or even a wave across the room could put a smile on so many faces. I'm so grateful to the staff and residents for their kindness."

    Carol - Volunteer

  • "Our experience with your facility was excellent. From the administration staff, who made the transition as pleasant and as least stressful to us and her as possible. To the nursing staff, that I can't say enough good about. They are the most caring, efficient staff that I have had the pleasure in dealing with for a long time. They treated my mom and us as if we were their own family - always with a smile and a gentle touch. I would highly recommend this establishment to anyone in need of this type of care and I will be."

    Kathy H.

  • "Dear Lydia, This is a follow up of my comment to you on Tuesday as we walked out together and your suggestion. I have only been a volunteer at Meadow Park since March of 2014, but I have been able, from my position at the front desk, to observe how the residents of Meadow Park are treated by the staff. I have been most impressed with the kindness, patience, respect and caring that each resident receives at the hands of anyone who has any contact of any kind. I know that some residents present difficulties but I have been so impressed by the way all of the staff treat them in such a humanitarian manner. I have not seen one instance of rudeness, impatience, sharpness or harshness from any member of the staff. This says so much about the choosing of staff and the training they receive. I have often though while being at the desk "There but for the grace of God go I' and I am very grateful for my health at my age. I am happy to be a part, however small, of Meadow Park and hope that my efforts contribute. If you wish to share this letter with other staff members, please feel free to do so. God's blessings on all of you. Yours sincerely, Joan"

    Joan L.

  • "We would like to thank-you for the compassion and care Mom received during her stay at Meadow Park. Mom truly enjoyed her time there, especially having her own "job" (folding towels). She enjoyed the activities and often talked about the games she played. We will be forever grateful for all you did to make Mom's final days enjoyable ones."

    Sylvia B.

  • "My husband Romoe went to Meadow Park the first week of November 2014 after a hospital stay for congestive heart failure. He required 24 hour nursing care. In life he was a very active gentleman, self-made and used to doing things his way. This does not translate into a very cooperative resident in a nursing home and some days were difficult. From the very beginning the staff sat down with me and devised a plan of action to make life comfortable for Romoe and also for me. The medical staff: nursing staff and auxiliary staff were compassionate, caring, understanding and accepting of Romoe and made life comfortable for him. The staff were always open to my suggestions and most understanding and forgiving when he was not as cooperative as he could have been. Romoe died on March 4, 2015 and he was surrounded by the caring staff at Meadow Park. They took care of his every need at this difficult time while still being aware of my needs as well. I would not hesitate to recommend Meadow Park and their compassionate caring staff to anyone who wanted the best care for their loved one during a very difficult time in theirs and their family's life."

    Barbara R.

  • "On behalf of our family, I would like to thank-you for the lovely rose bowl arrangement sent to the funeral home in memory of Norm. I would also like to express my appreciation for the excellent care Norm received while a resident at Meadow Park, as there were times that it was difficult to find his comfort level. I found the staff to be very friendly, caring and showed Norm a great deal of respect even though his communication was very limited. Also, the staff was very receptive to my special requests and always presented a friendly environment. The friendships made with staff and residents will not be forgotten. Thank-you for all that was done to make us comfortable."


  • "Thank You! Thank you for your limitless patience. Thank you for your kindness not just shown to Mom but to myself as well. I want to stress that I would recommend Meadow Park to any family who is looking for a safe, respectful and dignified care facility for their loved one. I can truthfully state that Meadow Park is clean, stylish, bright and safe. The gardens are gorgeous, the activities are broad in spectrum and there is always very good entertainment to keep the oldsters engaged. The staff is stellar. They are knowledgeable, respectful and kind. They not only go the extra yard for their residents but from my experience they go the extra mile."

    Nancy Berry & Family

  • "The staff became as close to us as they had to my father and for that we will always be grateful. As for the term "staff" it should be replaced with the word "angel" because as I said before "The place is full of them!"

    Darlene Benson

  • "How can we ever thank you enough for the kindness, care, and compassion so many of your staff showed to our dad during the final three weeks of his life? We felt like he was given very special treatment and we all appreciated your kindness so much. Our time spent at Meadow Park (Chatham) with dad and your staff will always be cherished. We felt like we lived there with dad and we always felt so welcome. We appreciated you letting us make Meadow Park our second home while you cared for our dad."

    A. Foster

  • "Dear Meadow Park Nursing Home, As neighbours to your wonderful establishment, we constantly see the wonders of your work. Whether its from co-op students who venture out to learn or from the many students who are related to the workers there. I personally have a mother who works there and she takes much pride in the work she and her co-workers do everyday. The job to care for someone is a job that demands constant hard work and love for the people around you, and because of this we at Ursuline College Chatham would like to wish you a very Merry Christmas." Blessings form your neighbours, Ursuline College Chatham (The Pines)"

    Ursuline College Chatham (The Pines)

  • "We want to thank each staff member of Meadow Park. Each of you contributed to caring for Victor Cross, husband and dad. Although his stay was short we knew he was cared for physically and emotionally - like a family would. During his final day you continued to care for him, keeping him comfortable. The 'lounge' was like the 'penthouse' and allowed for family and friends to visit easily during this difficult time. Thank-you for the food and beverage cart that was frequently refilled and the ham dinner on our last night. We lost count on the number of times we were asked if there was anything we needed - 'don't hesitate to ask' we were told often. Thank-you to those who visited and thank-you for the beautiful white rose. We will keep ALL of you close to our hearts. Molly Cross & Family"

    Molly C. and Family

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