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Leacock Care Centre Reviews

  • "My mother has been at Leacock Care Centre, since May 2001, I have found the staff to be very helpful and open, in trying to resolve any medical situation, and really go above and beyond in trying to provide a pleasant friendly atmosphere. Although my mother doesn't have the stamina to participate regularly in the daily activities, she really enjoys the extra effort that is made to celebrate all special days. The decorations throughout the facility are very uplifting for both residents and visitors. Due to the medical supervision and daily stimulation my mother has experienced an improved level of functioning that I had felt would never return. I am extremely grateful"

    June G

  • "Mom moved into Leacock Care Centre shortly after it opened in 2001. Friendly staff welcomed her into this "Home-Like Atmosphere." Programs and services at Leacock are unending, and residents and family members are encouraged to participate in the many activities. The Leacock newsletter also keeps us up to date with all the news and upcoming events in the monthly calendar.This professional staff always goes that extra mile to provide a sage, clean, and comfortable lifestyle for the residents, while continuously treating them with the courtesy, respect and kindness they so readily deserve."

    Doreen O.

  • "If is difficult to find the words to appropriately express our appreciation for the care extended to my father who, at times, inappropriately acted out his frustrations in dealing with his disease. Yet, the care givers in Unit 5 were able to muster professionalism and react appropriately by saying "Hello, in there Can I be your friend!". Had he been aware, he would have been pleased with their responsiveness to his needs. Your entire staff, from the kitchen to the laundry to the professionals and volunteer should be commended for the job they are doing to make the Leacock Care Centre what it is today. In particular we will always remember the concern and caring demonstrated prior to and subsequent to Edward's passing. There were few dry eyes as your caring staff said their "good byes" to a man they had known for a very short time. Our only wish is that they could have known him before he was stricken with this horrible disease. Keep up the good work. It is very much appreciated. Again, thank you"

    Maureen S.

  • "I know of a place that cares for dear folk who no longer can care for themselves.The atmosphere of this place is one of love, patience, gentleness and true concern for each precious man and woman who live there. How do I know about this? My dear sister lives there, and I have seen and personally experienced the love and caring attitude for each soul. The staff are always ready to listen, always ready to reach out to these precious souls. From the cleaning staff, to nursing care, it is a place of sincere love and, as mentioned before, the atmosphere is one of patience and gentleness and personally I am so very grateful to know my sister is experiencing that sincere love. What is this place? This place is the Leacock Care Centre and it is a place where I know my sister is safe and well cared for by professional men and women and may I add also, it is a place of unequivocal love. I am so very grateful that my dear sister embraces this place as her home!"

    Anita S.

  • "It's been a wonderful place for her (mother) and she seems very comfortable. We are really happy. Everybody is very courteous and lovely."

    Juliana H.

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