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  • "I have not get any chance to meet with Shirley D. yet but have heard great things about her. She has taken the initiative to fill out the "CARE OF MY SPIRIT" (information booklets for the residents) with residents as a part of our Comfort Care Committee. We will be able to gather that valuable information from residents through those booklets and can utilize in enhancing their comfort care. She has become a member of Comfort Care Committee and really keen to work for residents. She is spending a lot of hours with palliative residents and families. Her passion toward providing support to residents is outstanding and not payable."

    Simar K.

  • "To Jarlette Health Services Head Office, My mother is a resident at the Avalon Care Centre and has been for about 21 months. We are happy with the care she is receiving - however, that is not why I am writing today. Some time ago you appointed a young man - Lee Turley - as your administrator here. Let me say you have set the standard very high! Lee has shown himself to be personable, compassionate, understanding and so much more. We as families have witnessed him simply roll up his sleeves and pitch in to help when situations called for it. He has let families know he promotes an open door policy to his office regarding our families. He is a great sport as witnessed by his volunteering to take a "Pie in the Face" contest as well as taking part in the "Dunk Tank" on Carnival Day. What a sport! His is such a great leader and inspires the staff as well. The morale here has risen greatly since his arrival, so thank you once again for sending him to us - he is simply the best!"

    Nancy P.

  • "For many of us, there comes a time when we must make the difficult decision to place a loved one in long term care and we hope and pray that we have chosen the right facility for them.. My Mom has been a resident at the Avalon long term care home for a year now and I feel very satisfied that she is well cared for...her caregivers, the nurses, the PSW'S, the specialists and volunteers, are all professional while treating my Mom with dignity and respect.. that gives me peace of mind and I am very grateful to everyone involved in my Mother's care..I refer to my Mother's caregivers as "the Angels of Avalon"...you know who you are......thank you"

    Lynda H.

  • "I want to compliment the staff at the Avalon Care Centre, that in the 22 years I have been volunteering at the Avalon I have seen nothing but TENDER LOVING CARE to all residents. I hope and pray that I would receive this kind of care when my time comes."

    C. Zammit

  • "I am writing this letter to commend the entire staff at Avalon for the excellent care they all provided for my 85 year old mother, Evelyn Sealey . It was mother's first time in respite at Avalon and to say that I was nervous would be an understatement. Our roles have been reversed and I am now her doting primary caregiver . Each time I called to speak with mom or whenever I popped in for a visit , she looked happy and quite content. Mom's comments about the Psw's and the Nurse's were always very positive , she never hesitated to articulate how wonderful they were . After hearing mom's glowing reviews , I felt incredibly reassured that I had made the right decision in choosing Avalon . My hat's off to the Avalon staff for taking the time and effort to ensure that my mother's respite stay was a memorable one . I must convey my sincere appreciation to all of the incredible staff , in particular , Ann , Robin , Carol , Sherie , Dawn and Pam . They are all credits to their profession and I am truly indebted to all of them for playing a significant role in my mom's most enjoyable experience at Avalon ."

    Evelyn Sealey

  • "Words cannot express how much we appreciate the care and attention that was given to our mother (Mabel Jorgenson) over the last year and and a half, and especially the last three weeks while in palliative care! Although she was feisty and had no filters she was treated with the utmost of respect and love as though she was your own mother! All the nurses, administration staff, and custodians were absolutely wonderful! A special thanks to 39 & 69 for their patience and the joy they gave to our mom! Pam Copeland, Ken Jorgenson & family"

    Pam Copeland

  • "With the recent passing of our mother Shirley Nicolle, my brother and I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and the staff for the excellent care and attention you provided to our mother during her four-year stay at the Avalon. In particular, we are especially aware of the difficulty in assisting those residents who have contracted Alzheimer?s disease, as was the case with Mom. Whenever we came to visit, usually unannounced, Mom was always well-dressed, her hair was combed neatly and even at times some makeup had been applied by your staff. I want to add that the nursing staff were always pleasant and friendly to talk with and always available for any questions we had. It was obvious to us that our Mom received compassionate care from your staff and that has given us solace with her death. Please let the staff who cared for our Mom know that their kind ways with our Mom did not go unnoticed. Yours truly, Wayne and Steven Nicolle"

    Wayne Nicolle

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