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December 16th, 2022

Enjoy reading the stories of our residents, team members and the Jarlette Health Services family!

December 15th, 2022

Groundbreaking Ceremony Held for Stayner Care Centre Redevelopment

August 25th, 2022

Groundbreaking ceremony held for redevelopment project

July 6th, 2022

Avalon Care Centre has begun its transformation to the Butterfly Approach to Care

May 29th, 2022

The rebooted Jarlette Journal will be printed twice a year. Expect our next edition in December 2022! In the meantime, enjoy the articles and photos!

February 15th, 2022

Announcement of approval of Meadow Park London's redevelopment plan

December 21st, 2021

Jarlette Health Services has made a generous donation in support of the well-being of healthcare workers at Soldiers' Memorial Hospital, partner agencies

August 31st, 2021

Jarlette Health Services' Public Statement on the Mandatory Vaccination of Our Valued Team Members and Volunteers Against Covid-19

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