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Ontario Long-Term Care Association, Jarlette Health Services - Long-Term Care Division

November 24th, 2016 - This is Long-Term Care Conference at the Weston Harbour Castle in Toronto, staff gathered to support residents, staff and long-term care innovations at an awards gala dinner.

Resident Lifetime Achievement Award: Every year, Jarlette Health Services is the sponsor of the OLTCA Lifetime Achievement Award which honours a resident in long-term care in Ontario for their lifetime of outstanding dedication and successes. This year was no exception.

Lillie Johnson of Extendicare Rouge Valley, Long Term Care home in Toronto is very deserving of this award. Lillie's accomplishments throughout her life are humbling, inspiring and truly extraordinary. Born in Jamaica in 1922, Lillie was determined to be a Nurse and make a difference by helping others following her dream of travelling and living abroad in such places as Jamaica, Edinburgh (Scotland), New Jersey and eventually landing at St.Joseph's and Sick Kid's Hospital in Toronto.

Harrison Jarlette with Lillie Johnson, Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient 2016

Lillie's passion for working with children and families lead her to focus her work on Sickle Cell Disease (SCD). She identified that there needed to be more knowledge, education and support for those living with SCD and in 1981, she founded The Sickle Cell Association of Ontario. She worked tirelessly to reduce the stigma and misconceptions of SCD resulting in standard screening of newborns in Canada.

Lillie continued to help those in her community through volunteerism, peer counseling support for women of colour in administrative positions and as a board member of the YWCA in Richmond Hill and Toronto. Even at Rouge Valley, she sits with reverence on the Resident Council and continues her work with The Sickle Cell Disease Association of Ontario. She has received many other awards including the Order of Ontario.

Congratulation and thank you Lillie for being such a bright star and dedicating your life to make an outstanding difference!

Nurse and Personal Support Worker Leadership Awards:




Avalon Care Centre

Karen Lubianetzky - PSW

Elizabeth Centre

Brenda Labrie - PSW*

Temiskaming Lodge

Claire Horner - RN

Southampton Care Centre            

Lisa Carr - PSW*                                                     

We are so honoured to work beside so many amazing Nurses and Personal Support Workers. This year, two of the nominees for leadership awards were recipients of the leadership awards for their exceptional work in our long-term care homes. Congratulations Brenda Labrie, from Elizabeth Centre and Lisa Care from Southampton!

Lisa Carr (Southampton Care Centre), PSW Leadership Award Recipient and Lillie Johnson

Quality Improvement: Team of the Year

Finalist - Meadow Park Chatham, Anne Marie Rumble, Administrator

Quality Improvement: Innovation of the Year

Winner - Southampton Care Centre, Brenda Ohm, Administrator. CLICK HERE FOR MORE ON SOUTHAMPTON'S QUALITY SUBMISSION


OLTCA Quality Awards 2016
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