Red Tape Challenge

Jarlette Health Services Is Proudly Participating In The Ontario Long Term Care Association's (OLTCA) Red Tape Challenge!

Jarlette Health Services Head Office - Midland, ON.

Jarlette Health Services is thrilled to be taking part in the Ontario Long Term Care Association’s Red Tape Challenge and hope you will join us in supporting this valuable advocacy campaign to action change in the Long Term Care sector.

The Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA) has recently been invited by the Ontario Government to recommend red tape reduction initiatives that would improve the way the Long Term Care system is regulated while protecting and safeguarding residents, employees and the communities it serves. As a valued member of our Home, we are challenging you to share your ideas ­— large and small — to reduce red tape. Your valuable input will help to identify unnecessary regulations and make informed recommendations to the Government to improve, alter or delete those policies.

But what is "Red Tape?" Red tape refers to bureaucratic rules, unnecessary paperwork and duplicative processes that limit innovation and positive action. Legislation and regulations are essential to ensure safe, high-quality care. However, we are focused on addressing the excessive administrative burdens that direct staff attention to unnecessary paperwork as opposed to direct care to residents. Every hour spent on red tape is one less hour of care.

To participate in the Red Tape Challenge, simply visit the following website link and take the 10-minute online survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/OLTCA-Red-Tape-Challenge

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