Meadow Park London to be Redeveloped: Build 70 New Beds, 26 Redeveloped Beds and 96 Upgraded Beds Previously Allocated

London, ON - Responding to the Government of Ontario�s call to redevelop long-term care homes across the province, and contining Meadow Park London�s commitment to excellence in care, our long-term care community is pleased to announce its plan to develop new beds for more residents.

For the past 35 years, Meadow Park London has operated a 126-bed home at 1210 Southdale Road East with basic, semi-private and private beds. It has become an integral part of the local community, serving residents and their families throughout the region. We are committed to continuing this role through an expanded and state-of-art long-term care home to further improve the high quality of care which is currently provided.

The plan will consist of developing 70 new long-term care beds, an additional 26 upgraded beds, and 96 upgraded beds previously allocated. Upon completion, the redeveloped long-term care plan would bring the capacity of our home to 192 residents.

We will work closely with the South West Local Health Integration Network and the Ministry of Long-Term Care to ensure this process is thoroughly planned. Together, we are committed to ensuring that the excellent level of care our residents currently receive is maintained throughout the process, while we will work with our partners to proactively identify and remedy any unforeseen challenges which may arise from a project of this nature.

This plan will deliver to residents a more spacious and modern community setting which is suitable to their particular care needs for years to come, while providing additional opportunities for employment. These positions and the construction required would provide a significant boost to the local economy and ensure that high quality long-term care options remain available in London, Ontario and its environs.



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