OLTCA Better Seniors Care Campaign

Jarlette Long Term Care Homes Send Over 4,800 Letters to Local MPPs

During the weeks leading up to the Ontario Provincial Budget, announced April 23rd, Jarlette Long Term Care homes rallied their friends and families in their communities to write letters to local MPPs and government representatives through BetterSeniorsCare.ca.

Jarlette homes accounted for more than 4,800 letters of the total 12,250 letters sent in from across the province.

The focus was to ensure that long term care was a priority in Ontario's Health care budget and to motivate and educate the community on the needs of seniors in long term care. Although we are continually providing exceptional care, funding has not kept pace with the growing acuity and needs of those living at our homes. With more older adults choosing to stay at home for as long as possible, residents entering long term care homes are not as independent as they once were. 

There were 4 main priorities of the campaign including:

  1. Providing Safe and High-Quality Care through increased funding for staff and full utilization of staff skills allowing them to work to their full scope of practice to address the complex health care needs of seniors.
  2. Support Mental Health and Dementia Care by dedicating more specialized resources in every home and coordinating services for high-risk residents. Those living with behaviours and mental health issues deserve dedicated and specialized services to help deliver safety and comfort for all.
  3. Rebuilding Ontario's Long Term Care Homes by delivering a viable program and ensuring that long term care is a sustainable investment. Improved environments for safe, quality care through the modernization of long term care homes (i.e. eliminating four-bed basic accommodations).
  4. Support of Smaller Homes through the creation of a "small home strategy" addressing the impact of legislation, acuity and changes in funding on residents and staff of smaller homes.

As a part of the campaign, the OLTCA designated prizes to the Resident Councils of the homes who submitted the most support through BetterSeniorsCare.ca. Three of the top awards were given to Jarlette Homes including a First Place for Meadow Park London (944 letters) and a Second Place to The Villa Care Centre (886 Letters) in the category of 80-132 bed homes. These homes will be receiving $500 and $300 to their Resident Councils. Manitoulin Lodge came out on top with a First Place in the category of 1-79 beds for submitting 779 letters and will also be receiving a $500 prize.

Other Jarlette homes received an honourable mention to four of our other homes including Elizabeth Centre (775 letters), Southampton (281 letters), Avalon Care Centre (422 letters) and Roberta Place Long Term Care (384 letters).

The campaign does not end with the announcement of the provincial budget. Jarlette Long Term Care homes are committed to promoting better seniors care every day through their passion and dedication. It is truly our purpose to Make An Outstanding Difference in the Lives of Others.

Better Seniors Care
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