HQO - Recruiting Volunteers for Advisory Council

Health Quality Ontario is recruiting patients, residents, clients, families and members of the public to join a new advisors council

Health Quality Ontario (HQO), the provincial advisor on the quality of health care in Ontario, is looking for volunteer advisors from across the province to participate in its new Patient, Family and Public Advisors Council.

The Advisors Council will help HQO make recommendations on what would be a better experience of care and on how to create better health care outcomes for Ontarians. 

Please alert your patients / residents / clients and families and encourage them to visit hqontario.ca/engage to learn more and to express their interest.

Volunteer advisors will receive the opportunity to share their experiences and be a part of improving the quality of patient-centred health care in Ontario.

HQO will make it easy for volunteers to contribute in a meaningful way by providing supports they need to participate. In lending their unique voice and insights, volunteer advisors will help guide recommendations for better health care experiences and outcomes for everyone.


Who is the Health Quality Ontario (HQO)?  

Health Quality Ontario (HQO) is the provincial advisor on quality in health care. We report to the public on how the health system (and its various parts) are performing; we provide recommendations (based on the best scientific evidence available) on how to move forward; and we help spread good health care practices throughout the system.  

What is Health Quality Ontario’s Patient, Family and Public Advisors Council?  

The Advisors Council is a group of 16-24 patients, residents, clients, families and members of the public from across the province, with senior leaders from HQO there to listen, facilitate the discussion and, most importantly, learn. Health Quality Ontario is creating this forum for people to talk with each other, to share their experiences with Ontario’s health care system, and to share their feedback on some of the projects that we are working on to improve the quality of patient-centred health care in Ontario.    

What kind of work would I be involved in?  

There are a lot of opportunities for volunteer Advisors to engage with interesting projects within HQO. For example, helping to make our reports on the health system clearer and more relevant to the public, or contributing to our recommendations about what health treatments and technologies should be available in Ontario.  

In addition to the meetings of the Advisors Council, you may have the opportunity to sit on committees, work on special projects, contribute your story to HQO’s materials or advise on how we communicate with patients, residents, clients, families and the public.  

How do I express interest to participate?  

View the online expression of interest form here.    

What happens once I express interest?  

Once you have expressed interest in our Advisors Council online, you will receive an email to confirm your information. Shortly after, you will receive a second follow up email with further information and next steps. Volunteers who are selected to participate on the Advisors Council will begin by attending a weekend orientation meeting.  

Throughout all of our activities, Advisors will be provided with the supports they need to become an engaged and effective volunteer advisor, including background information and learning materials, support in using online communication tools, and any travel and dependent care costs.    

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Privacy is important to us. The personal information collected when you express interest will only be used to contact you. The stories, experiences and ideas you share in Council meetings will be kept confidential by HQO and the other members of the Council. HQO will seek your consent before publishing any information that could identify you, such as your story or your picture. Your information will be retained only while you are a member of our Advisors Council.    

Can I opt out at any time?

We hope volunteers are willing and able to commit to three-year terms, however at any point, you can opt out. Every email we send will have the option to unsubscribe from our mailing list and if you are no longer interested in participating you can also always contact us at [email protected].  

For more information about the Patient, Family and Public Advisors Council please visit www.hqontario.ca/engage or contact us at [email protected].

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