Help Us Make Change Happen

At Jarlette Health Services want to remind you of the amazing work going on in our long-term care homes and retirement lodges and ask for your support during this time to bring attention to the rapidly changing health care and seniors' services sector. The 2014 Ontario Election is over and you still have an opportunity to make your voice heard and advocate for those living in long-term care.

On behalf of the residents, the staff, volunteers, visitors and families at our homes and in the surrounding communities, we urge the leaders of Ontario to consider the challenges we are facing in the coming years. We compel them to work with organizations such as the Ontario Long Term Care Association to address the increasing complex care needs and end of life care, the demand for new development of older long-term care homes and challenges we face with those living with Alzheimer's and other dementias. We encourage everyone to think of our aging and vulnerable population to drive change, quality improvement and implement new strategies for exceptional care.

Help Us Make Change Happen - Visit and submit a letter to Ontatio's Political Leaders. Make sure that the issues closest to your heart are heard. At Jarlette Health Services, we're passionate about Making A Difference in the Lives of Others, join us as we advocate on behalf of those living in long-term care and those who will eventually join us. We want to ensure they get the high-quality care they deserve.




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