A Family Focused on Community Serves Seniors


After 43 years, Jarlette Health Services remembers its roots, supports community and local causes.

Being local means being grounded in the community and doing more, says a family that serves seniors in Simcoe County and across Ontario. Since the Jarlette family founded their fist nursing home in Midland, Ontario 43 years ago, their company has always vowed to "Make An Outstanding Difference in the Lives of Others".


"Housing and Services...At Every Stage of a Senior's Life"

Jarlette Health Services is a trusted and well-respected Canadian family run business, which currently owns and perates 12 long-term-care homes and 6 retirementlodges in Ontario. Started in 1970 in Midland Ontario by husband and wife team Alex and Bobbie Jarlette, and now led by son David, their compliment of retirement lodges and long term care homes are able to offer “living-in-place choices” to their clients, meaning they offer seniors the chance to select the housing and services that best suit their needs at every stage of a life.


"An Organization That Cares About The Community"

Jarlette Health Services employs about 500 people in Simcoe County along, and overall 1,500 people in the province of Ontario. They also use many local suppliers and support local businesses every day.


Alex and Bobbie Jarlette
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