2014 Nursing Leadership Award

Jarlette Health Services announced the recipient of the 2014 Nursing Leadership Award. This year's top honour goes to Barb Bryan, Care Services Coordinator - Quality.

Barb Bryan graduated with an RN Diploma from Sheridan College in 1982. Upon graduation, she began her employment with Jarlette Health Services in 1983 as a Charge Nurse. She has since held a variety of roles including Unit Coordinator, Director of Care, Administrator, Staff Education Coordinator, RAI MDS Coordinator, Quality Improvement Manager and most recently as Care Services Coordinator - Quality.

Barb Bryan is a wealth of knowledge and enthusiam when it comes to providing excellent, quality care to residents in long-term care. Some her colleagues describe her as "passionate about always doing the right thing", "enthusiastic to support others at the home level to achieve positive outcomes", "she embraces the opportunity to teach and mentor others", "she continually seeks knowledge", "she always looks holistically at residents ad ensures each home goes above and beyond to provide exemplary care", "she encourages all homes to improve processes and quality to make a difference in resident outcomes" and lastly, "she challenges us all by asking the question, Why?"

The Nursing Leadership Award was established in 2010 to recognize someone who excels above and beyond our high expectations to deliver quality, resident-centred care. This person exhibits leadership in nursing and quality innovation; thus improving quality of life in our long term care homes. Barb exemplifies this award every day. Congratulations Barb Bryan!



Nursing Leadership Award 2014
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