Temiskaming Lodge Reviews

"Temiskaming Lodge, Just saying the words give me peace of mind. When we started worrying about Momís safety, we asked for a bed at Temiskaming Lodge. It has 24 hour nursing care, wonderful surroundings inside and out, and a caring staff. The first month, Mom attended over 100 stimulating recreational and restorative activities. We knew we made the right decision. We turned her room into a private oasis and she had constant care. Temiskaming Lodge in Haileybury Ė not just a building Ė itís a close-knit
5 Stars
Gail Moore
"As family members, we feel reassured to have anyone in the family to come and stay at the Temiskaming Lodge. We feel most welcomed at any time when we come in for a visit. The staff greets us with a smile and friendly words.

There seems to be a good working relationship among the staff. There are lots of activities in the week that keep the residents busy. The Temiskaming Lodge gives a feeling of belonging in a family and is opened to anyone in a family to choose this residence for their home."
5 Stars
Yvonne Gauthier
"In July 2016 Grace became a resident here, it was a difficult decision at the time but it was time for the move. Immediately we felt the staffís interest in the well being of the patientís. The family like reception of new patients made this transition easier on everyone and continues to this day.

En Julliet 2016 Grace est devenue residente ici. Ce fut une decision difficile mais cíetait temps. Immediatement nous remaguions líinterest du personel envers tous les patients. Leur bien-Ítre semble primordial et une semblance de famille continue de faire cette transition plus facile pour tous."
5 Stars
Marcel and Susan Delorme
"On behalf of Doris Peckover and her family, we would like to recognize and thank the staff at the Lodge for the thoughtful care and kindness provided to Mom (Doris) as she continues to be a resident at the Lodge. You have made her feel useful and needed with the small tasks you ask her to do such as folding towels and stamping 
mail. The activities organized by your staff for the residents and entertainment have also been enjoyed by Mom. 

Everyone from the cleaning staff, PSWs and the nurses happy and smiling when we visit. The past winter has been a challenging one for your staff. 
Our thanks for keeping your caring outlook and professionalism through these demanding challenges.

Kind regards and best wishes from Dorisí entire family.


Doug Goddard and Family"
5 Stars
Doug G. and Family
"As a new care provider and first time visitor to the Temiskaming Lodge I immediately found a sense of friendship, smiling faces and the ability to make not only the residents comfortable and welcome, but family and friends as well which includes the office staff, main desk folks, to the support workers, recreation, housekeeping, kitchen staff and yes even the maintenance department as well. 

I realize now just how hard it would be to have to leave my home, apartment or living with a family member or close friend and be told you now have to move here to the Lodge, lose your driverís license or already have plus your daily functions because you are too sick to take care of yourself any longer. It sure is a wake up call, but I feel from what Iíve seen and heard this is now your NEW home and the people employed here are like family and professionally treat seniors
with respect and dignity and thatís all anyone would ask for and expect. 

So in conclusion, I continue my visits knowing caring people really do exist here locally and those living here 24/7 that know whatís going on are at ease without stress in their surroundings along with great food, snacks, live music, bingo and a calendar full of activities if they want to participate. Keep up the great work!"
5 Stars
Mike M.
"Thank you for your email letting me know about dad. I just want you to know how much we appreciated the love and caring that you had for our mom. We sincerely appreciate your sensitivity and thoughtfulness towards us while we were there and the service you hosted was a fine tribute to mom. Your efforts to set up the room and the offer of a lunch afterwards were appreciated. We were overwhelmed at how smoothly and professionally organized things were. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason. At Christmas my husband asked my mom what a positive outcome had occurred for her while living at the Lodge. Her response was "I had my freedom". Our family applauds you for supporting mom's decisions and choices at that stage of her life, as there are other many health care professionals who have yet to recognize the importance of this very basic need. We are grateful to you, and know that you will also take great care of dad."
5 Stars
Cheryl F.
"I want to express my most heartfelt gratitude for the caring staff here at the Lodge.  Florence and I always talked about the wonderful care we received.  Not only have our physical needs been met, but we always felt that the staff genuinely care about us.  Since I have lost Florence, the staff have been extra supporting.  This place feels like home and it's because of the staff.  I'm glad I stayed."
5 Stars