Local MPP Visits Elizabeth Centre 2013

Frances Gelinas, Nickel Belt MPP, visited the Elizabeth Centre on May 22nd, 2013 to discuss the current landscape and challenges faced by those living and working in long term care.

Elizabeth Centre staff, along with resident council and family council members, greeted Ms. Gelinas with information about the campaign and our plea for added funding and resources needed in order to continue to meet our commitment to providing safe and quality care for our residents.

We focused on the following points with Ms. Gelinas:

  • Due to the provincial focus and success of "Aging at Home", there has been an increase in care needs of the residents in long term care
  • Residents entering long term care have more complex health requirements and require specialized treatments (ie: 92.8% of new residents have 2 or more chronic illnesses such as diabetes, COPD or chronic heart failure; 1 out of 6 residents receives 9 or more medications; and the average length of stay for a resident has decreased from 1.9 years in 2011 to 1.6 years in 2012)
  • In order to provide safe and quality care, we need to ask for just under $200 million investment across Ontario in resources and care to address the new demand. Resources include: Staff, Skills Education in specialized care practices to address the complex needs to avoid excessive ER transfers and injury.
  • A capital renewal program in redevelopment of older homes to provide a safe physical and aesthetically therapeutic environment to reduce aggressive behaviours, improve infection control, reduce workplace injuries and promote quality of life. Home improvements will also help to maintain the future capacity of our homes to provide safe quality care.

Residents, staff and families enjoyed talking with Ms. Gelinas and sharing stories.  The Elizabeth Centre Residents also presentedher with a painting created through the Art on The Go Program in coordination with the Sudbury Art Gallery.


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