Pinterest Sparks a New Program for the Women at Southampton

An old fashioned craft took on a new twist at the Southampton Care Centre when staff used a Pinterest idea to recreate an old fashioned quilting bee for the residents.

The Jarlette Health Services owned long term care home is located the rural community of Saugeen Shores, where many old fashioned traditions still exist. The declining fine motor skills of residents encourages the staff to be resourceful in thinking up ways to recreate traditions with a twist.

The tie quilt idea allow the residents an opportunity to make something usable at the monthly "Crafty Hands"  Program. The fabric is pre-cut by the staff and washed to prevent any shrinkage. The smell of fabric softener really enhances the activity for those residents who only are able to make a few knots but still want to contribute.The softness of the polar fleece also makes it really cozy and comforting.

The quilts were cut kid sized and are highly recommended for cold fall and winter before bedtime cuddles with sleepy toddlers. The residents are looking forward to adding their homemade tie-quilts to the homes second annual Silent Auction to support local families in early December.