Wintertime Follies Garners Community Support

So a Minister, a neighbour and volunteer walk into a Long Term Care home...

No this is no joke, nor was the weather last week but the blizzard blew in some wonderful acts of kindness at the Southampton Care Centre. The snow stranded some staff, and prevented others from getting in to work but the dedication of the employees and the compassion of the community ensured the residents were well taken care of.

The staff persevered through overtime shifts, housed their colleagues, braved the weather to serve the residents but they also welcomed the support of those who lived nearby. Many volunteers stopped by to help out. They assisted residents to the dining room, washed hands, served tea and coffee and provided some friendly conversation and company.  

"We were so thankful for the assistance of our neighbours. We are overwhelmed with gratitude!" says Andrea Prentice, Resident and Family Services Coordinator. Among the many helpers were family members Dave and Linda Mason, former family members Dave and Carolyn Wenn and local Minister Rev. Keith Reynolds. Long time volunteers Sal Laba and David Udall and neighbour Patty Campbell also braved walks up the street to lend a hand. 

Brenda Ohm, Administrator of the Care Centre expresses her gratitude, "We have contingency plans for these types of emergencies but there was so much snow, no one was going anywhere! Thanks to the hardworking staff, valued volunteers and many friends of the Southampton Care Centre, we survived the storm!" 

It is times like these that we are reminded why we live where we do. No, not because of the weather, but because this community cares. Friends and neighbours are willing to help each other when they can. It may have been cold outside but there was a lot of warmth in the hearts of those at the Southampton Care Centre during last week's blizzard.