Music with June - at Muskoka Landing

Resident June Fleming has initiated a special interest club or Resident-Led Events & Clubs (REC) at Muskoka Landing called "Music with June". Twice a month she plays the piano and sings for other residents in her home area.

Resident-Led Events & Clubs (REC) are an opportunity for residents to start up clubs and events that appeal to their interests with the help of the home staff, volunteers and families. The idea is to encourage those living in our homes to create innovative programs that enrich their lives and the lives of others, while developing new friendships and strengthening a sense of community.

For June, it's a chance to showcase and share her musical talent with her peers. The program is popular event where June has developed a following of fans who will make special trips from other parts of the home just to see her. Those in attendence never hesitate to sing along with June, which in turn, inspires us all! Thank you June!