Temiskaming Lodge

144 Drive-In Theatre Road
Temiskaming Shores, Ontario, P0J 1P0

Temiskaming Lodge Long Term Care

Temiskaming Lodge is a fully accredited long-term care home for 128 residents within the rural community of Temiskaming shores, Ontario.

We offer private and basic (2-3 person) accommodations in a safe, community setting.

We're also excited to share that our new home has opened as a Butterfly home, using the Butterfly Approach to Care, focusing on emotional and dementia care for our residents!

Temiskaming Lodge is always looking for passionate volunteers. If you or someone you know would like to make an outstanding difference in the lives of our residents, contact our team today!

We're participating in the SONNET Study! Learn more:

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    "As a new care provider and first time visitor to the Temiskaming Lodge I immediately found a sense of friendship, smiling faces and the ability to make not only the residents comfortable and welcome, but family and friends as well which includes the office staff, main desk folks, to the support workers, recreation, housekeeping, kitchen staff and yes even the maintenance department as well. I realize now just how hard it would be to have to leave my home, apartment or living with a family member or close friend and be told you now have to move here to the Lodge, lose your driver?s license or already have plus your daily functions because you are too sick to take care of yourself any longer. It sure is a wake up call, but I feel from what I?ve seen and heard this is now your NEW home and the people employed here are like family and professionally treat seniors with respect and dignity and that?s all anyone would ask for and expect. So in conclusion, I continue my visits knowing caring people really do exist here locally and those living here 24/7 that know what?s going on are at ease without stress in their surroundings along with great food, snacks, live music, bingo and a calendar full of activities if they want to participate. Keep up the great work!"
    Mike M.

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