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Avalon Care Centre

Avalon Care Centre is a fully accredited long term care home located in Orangeville, Ontario. Situated just outside of the major urban centres of Brampton, Toronto, and Mississauga, Orangeville boasts of a thriving arts community and pristine outdoor spaces. There are 135 long term beds and 2 short stay beds available for caregiver relief. At Avalon, we provide 24 hour nursing and personal care services, acknowledging each resident's unique lifestyle needs.

Avalon Care Center prides itself in the excellent nursing, recreation, therapy and dietary services. Avalon has nurse managers available on days, evenings and throughout the weekend to ensure that all nursing issues are dealt with in a timely manner. We offer many different services, including: Tuck Shoppe, Foot Care, Short Stay Care, Pastoral Care and much more! We are also the only long term care facility located in the Orangeville region.

Our home boasts a rich volunteer and community presence and an expansive variety of activities 7 days a week through our Life Enrichment Department. Ask us about our monthly fine dining experience, our excellent restorative care and Physiotherapies including Zumba!

Events & News

October 9th, 2018

Mary Lou Wilkinson Is The Proud Recipient Of October's Go-Getter Award

September 25th, 2018

Residents partake in hands-on learning experience courtesy of the Dufferin County Cultural Resource Circle

September 20th, 2018

Residents, staff and volunteers participated in Avalon Care Centre's Parkinson Walk in Orangeville, On.

Making A Difference

Lajos Louis Simo- 2017 MADA Recipient

Lajos Louis Simo has been chosen as the 2017 Making A Difference Award Winner at Avalon Care Centre in Orangeville, Ontario.

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    "I have not get any chance to meet with Shirley D. yet but have heard great things about her. She has taken the initiative to fill out the "CARE OF MY SPIRIT" (information booklets for the residents) with residents as a part of our Comfort Care Committee. We will be able to gather that valuable information from residents through those booklets and can utilize in enhancing their comfort care. She has become a member of Comfort Care Committee and really keen to work for residents. She is spending a lot of hours with palliative residents and families. Her passion toward providing support to residents is outstanding and not payable."
    Simar K.

Our Staff

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Resident and Family Services Coordinator
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