Jill Knowlton

Director of Long Term Care Operations

Jill Knowlton, Registered Nurse, BScN, MS, GNC(C) - Director of Long Term Care Operations

As Director of Long Term Care Operations for Jarlette Health Services, Jill Knowlton is responsible for all aspects of the operations and transformational change across the company�s owned LTC Homes and future projects. She has successfully participated in the design, development and launch of new LTC Homes and a range of seniors� housing options within the province of Ontario. Jill has been instrumental in the implementation of the person-centred Butterfly model in both care model and design in LTC Homes garnering much media coverage and keen public interest and support. Appearing before the LTC Commission on the Butterfly Model, Jill contributed to the Commission�s understanding and key recommendations around the need for person-centred culture change in LTC Homes. Jill is passionate about raising the resident voice in LTC ensuring it is the priority in all decisions and that resident well-being remains the main indicator of quality of life.

Combining her nursing experience and management expertise, she has taken future-forward leadership on issues of LGBTQ2S rights, medical assistance in dying, innovation in models of care and design, and use of Virtual Reality technology in advanced dementia. She is frequently called upon to engage in collaborative projects with government, university and health-sector partners on these and other issues. Jill is a current member of the Ministry of Long Term Care�s Response and Recovery Advisory Committee providing advice on COVID response, recovery and system modernization and an elected member of the Ontario Long Term Care Association�s Board of Directors and the Ontario Association of Residents Councils Board of Directors.

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