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Walk For Alzheimer's

Temiskaming Lodge Comes Together For A Great Cause!

Temiskaming Lodge Long Term Care Home - Haileybury, ON.

For the second year in a row, Temiskaming Lodge hosted its Walk For Alzheimer's event on June 7th 2019. Registration began at 9:00AM and the walk kicked off at 10:00AM after a wonderful opening speech and group photo. Staff from the Alzheimer Society of Timmins Porcupine Branch were also in attendance and provided the participants with information, pins, Forget Me Not seeds, as well as stickers – to indicate whom they were walking for. The group also provided our Team with balloons for our signs to help indicate the start and finish of the Walk route.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the individuals and Teams who collected pledges in their community. These donations will benefit our local Alzheimer’s Society and their programs and services. We are very lucky to have our local Alzheimer Society, as they offer valuable education, a learning center (including books, videos and information sheets), as well as the First Link Series to those in need within the community. Another BIG thank you is due to our community partner’s for donating gift certificates and water. Sponsors included: Active 1 Source for Sports, Ali’s Grill and Bar, the North Cobalt Flea Market, Circle K and Café Meteor Bistro. Their donations helped to make our walk both joyous and memorable.

“Team Dory” (members include: Sarah Davis, Lindsay Bourassa, Linda Davis, Tiffany Arnott, and Alicia Fader.) was the team with the highest amount of pledges, with a total of $415! They each won a gift card donated by Café Meteor Bistro.

The individual/community member with the highest amount of pledges was Vaughn Ferguson with a donation of $1000! He won a gift card from Active 1 Source for Sports!

The individual Staff member with the highest amount of pledges, was Michelle Mayo, with a donation of $100! She received a gift card from Active 1 Source for Sports!

The resident who earned the most amount of Pledges, was Clifford Simmons, raising $180! He won a gift card from the North Cobalt Flea Market!

We would like to also recognize our Maintenance Man, Alain Breault – as he took the time to create our signs on his own time and assisted us in preparing for our Walk. He is a wonderful part of our Team and we are very lucky to have him. He received a gift card from the North Cobalt Flea Market too!!

We also had an attendance draw and the winner was Alice, a Resident in our Home! She won a gift card from Ali’s Grill and Bar!

In addition to our Walk and all of the draws, we also had a table located on Meridian and Albert Street, with water bottles donated by Circle K and a snack station provided by Temiskaming Lodge. Blue arrows marked the turns along the walk.

We had approximately 50 participants in this year's walk and in total we have collected $2,286.00! We are so proud of our Team, the Residents and our community members. Thank you to everyone for making an outstanding difference in the lives of others.


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