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Volunteer of the Year

Meadow Park recognizes their "Volunteer of the Year" OLTCA Order of Excellence Nomination

Meadow Park Long Term Care Home- London, Ontario


The History of Betty Wilcox

Betty was born on January 30th West of Rodney in a small town called Duart to parents Ida and Ernest Scafe.  Her mother was a Registered Nurse who privately nursed cancer patients and then worked at a hospital in Pediatrics in Cedar Springs, her father a Hoisting Engineer for the New York Central Railroad.

Her education began in a 2-room school house that did not offer kindergarten at the time, followed by high school in Ridgetown and then graduating from commercial schooling. Shortly after graduating, London Life employed her at the age of 16.

Betty’s dream was to move to Paris and work for Christian Dior but on October 5th, 1962 at the young age of 19, she made the move to England.  There she worked for the Queen’s designer, Sir Norman Hartnell for over 7 years in a couture house where sirs, ladies and debutants came for fittings.  Sir Hartnell designed the Queen’s dresses, coronation robes, furs and millineries.  Betty’s job was sending invoices to Buckingham Palace for all of the Queen’s cloths.  Later Betty would work for Johnny Walker Scotch Whiskey in advertising for 5 years.

It was in England that Betty met her husband Carl.  Carl, born in Trinidad was hired and relocated in 1956 by a British film company, Elstree Studio as a dancer and actor.  He would be in movies such as ‘Fire Down Below’ with Rita Hayworth, Jack Lemmon and Robert Mitchum, ‘She’ with Ursula Andress and ‘One Million Years B.C.’ alongside Raquel Welch.  He also went on to star in English television shows, night clubs acts and travel to American army base shows.  A career spanning over 25 years.  Betty handled all of the bookings for Carl’s agents.  

Betty and Carl married in England and later welcomed their son Gerald.  They then relocated back to Canada to be closer to her family.  Her parents required long term care and moved into Meadow Park.  Both Betty and Carl, came in every single day for over 7 years to care for Ida and Ernest.

It was not long after that their volunteer careers began as they helped out with various church services, memorial service, Anglican communion and monthly birthday parties to name a few.  In 2009, 6 months before what would be his 100th birthday, her father passed away shortly followed by her mother on New Year’s Day 2009.

After the passing of her parents, Betty and Carl continued to volunteer, then on October 22, 2013, tragedy struck again when Carl passed away, also here at Meadow Park.  They had been married over 50 years.  

This did not stop Betty from volunteering. She has been a faithful and dedicated volunteer at Meadow Park for over 17 years now.  But Betty’s kindness does not stop there.  For over 12 years now, she helps at a monthly community breakfast at All Saint’s Anglican Church to feed the needy in the community, drives seniors to church and drives them to buy their groceries every week, visits sick parishioners in their homes or in long term care homes, is a member of her ACW church group and volunteers every Tuesday at her church Bible Study group.  

Meadow Park is very fortunate to have such a dedicated and kind hearted volunteer and we are honoured to nominate Betty for the Ontario Long Term Care Circle of Excellence.

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