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Volunteer Excellence - Elinor Chalmers

OLTCA Circle of Excellence Recognition

Stayner Care Centre, Stayner Long-Term Care

When we hear the word “volunteer” many different thoughts come to mind. The importance is not what you do or how much of your time you can give; volunteering is simple ways to show you care.

Elinor Chalmers is no exception to this.  Her dedication to our home started way back. She worked at our home as an RN for many years….even coming out of retirement a couple times to come back and help out. She then had to make the hard transition to being a family member at our home, when she had to bring her husband to come and live here. Her dedication that she showed to her husband was remarkable, coming daily to visit. Even then she would do whatever was needed at our home, handing out aprons before dinner or just noticing a resident who may need a helping hand before a staff  member could get there. She did this all in her typical “Elinor” manner, never accepting of the acknowledgement that she deserved.  

Sadly on April of 2016, Elinor’s loving husband passed away. She found this a hard transition for the home to be not part of her daily routine anymore. She found a way to keep herself involved, again in the background. Elinor comes and does the sewing and mending for our Residents clothing, free of charge,  as it is needed. When approached to let her know she was being recognized for her outstanding commitment, she once again thought she did not deserve such an award and was shocked that she would be acknowledged for doing so little.

We thank Elinor for finding the time to volunteer in our home and want her to know that she has a major impact and makes an outsanding difference everyday at Stayner Care Centre.


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