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They Shoot, They SCORED!

Residents and staff team up to promote Better Seniors' Care in a fun mini-stick shoot off.

Meadow Park - Chatham, Ontario

To celebrate the Winter Olympics, promote positive relationships and have some fun, the Life Enrichment department invited staff and residents to team up for a little friendly mini-stick competition.  The tournament was held in a round-robin style where teams of two competed for "Olympic" medals and of course bragging rights. 

All who participated dressed in their best Canadian gear because "we all play for Canada!". The cheering and excitement could be heard throughout the home and soon a crowd formed to watch the competition unfold.  Using a table shuffleboard and some mini-sticks the residents had the option of slidding the "puck" down the "ice" with their hands or a mini-stick.  Staff were challenged to compete using only the mini-stick!  Everyone had a great time and it was fantastic to see the staff cheering on their resident team-mates and vice versa.  Staff and residents have both requested this to become an annual event. 

At the end of the competition medals were awarded and everyone sang O'Canada as the Canadian flag was raised by Life Enrichment Coordinator Joanne Jones.


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