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The Angels Of Avalon

Incredible Family Member, Lynda Haddow, Shares How The Care Centre Brought Lasting Friendships To Life.

Avalon Care Centre - Orangeville, ON.

At Jarlette Health Services, we always strive to make an outstanding difference in the lives of our Residents, and we also seek to foster strong and lasting connections with their Family Members, all of whom are a vibrant part of life within all of our Long Term Care Homes and Retirement Lodges. At Avalon Care Centre, these relationships have not only flourished but have also helped to bring new friends together. The Team at Avalon was recently approached by Family Member, Lynda Haddow, who shared with us a touching story about her time spent at Avalon, and the strong bond she established with a group of kind, compassionate and like-minded individuals who found themselves at the Home at the same time.

“My name is Lynda Haddow and my Mom, Bernice Humphrey, was a Resident at Avalon Care Centre for a few years before she passed almost three years ago. All of the people in these two pictures had loved ones at Avalon at the same time and all but one have since lost their loved ones. During the time we all spent there, we formed a tight bond and we became a support system for one another while developing friendships that will last for life. We continue to make a point of getting together as often as we can to celebrate our friendships and discuss the memories of our loved ones. We all made the best out of what was a sad time by leaning on each other for support and something truly good came out of a difficult time for all of us. I, along with the rest of my friends in the photos will forever be grateful to the Avalon for taking such good care of our loved ones.”

In addition to the incredible story Lynda shared with us, she also contributed a heartfelt poem to Avalon Care Centre, which now hangs on the wall outside of the Tuck Shop.

“I wrote the poem to express my gratitude to the girls who took care of my Mom every day: ‘The Angels of Avalon.’ I am forever grateful for them.”

Nancy, a member of the tight-knit Avalon group also facilitated a beautiful tribute at the Dods and McNair Memorial Leaf Wall in the Island Lake Forest. Nancy had a leaf made for each family member and had them dedicated to the wall so they could continue to “be together.”

We are deeply moved by Lynda’s beautiful sentiment and feel privileged that Avalon Care Centre was the foundation on which these incredible friendships were built. We truly believe that a single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees. It is people like Lynda and the rest of her Avalon Group that make our careers in Long Term Care so rewarding and dynamic. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank Lynda for sharing her journey and for being part of the magic of Avalon Care Centre.

Group Includes: Tom, Lynda, Margaret, Reta, Patrick, John, Nancy, Marita, Larry and Dorothy


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