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Technology Helps with Communication

Staff use Technology to help communicate with residents

Meadow Park- London, Ontario

With Long Term Care homes becoming more diverse, Meadow Park had to come up with ways to communicate with our residents on a more frequent and non-intrusive way.  Staff use cue cards to help with the activities of daily living but we needed more.  On each C.O.W. (computer on wheels) we have a quick language translator.  This helps with one or two words to get a point across such as thirsty, cold, hot etc.  For our residents who only speak a language that is not English we use a Tablet with the google translate on it.  We have the residents speak into the tablet using the microphone and it changes it to English for the staff.  This is also used in reverse - if the staff speak in English into the tablet it will change it into their language.  We have staff within the home that speak a variety of languages but if they are not on shift, staff use this as a resource.  Staff have found that residents feel more at ease because they know that they are being understood and families feel at ease as their loved ones communicate their positive experience.   


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