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Parkinson's Superwalk - September 2015

Supreme Superstar Walker - Laughton Binns

Alexander Place - Waterdown Long-Term Care

Mr. Laughton Binns, a resident who resides at Alexander Place, lives with a progressive neurodegenerative disease called Parkinson’s. Laughton and his very devoted spouse Marion work hard every day to make a difference and provide awareness and education to others about Parkinson’s. 

Laughton and Marion have been active members of the Parkinson’s Society, Burlington Office. Each year, since 2001 the Parkinson’s Super Walk takes place in the month of September and is the largest and single most important national awareness and fundraising event for the Parkinson’s Society, and its 10 regional partners.  

Laughton has been involved in the Super Walk for the past 10 years and has helped raise over $91,000 through the Burlington office, and out of this $91,000 Laughton and Marion have raised over $15,000 through the years.

For 2015 Laughton has raised the most he has ever raised in the 10 years with an amazing total of $3,050. So this year, 2015, the Parkinson’s Society is pleased and very proud to have Laughton awarded this year’s “Supreme Superstar Walker”.

This status is for someone who raised $2500.00 or more, a total of 5 participants received this title for 2015, as per Maureen Thun the lead of the Burlington support group for the Parkinson’s Society. Alexander Place residents, family and staff are very proud of Laughton in receiving this outstanding achievement award and title of “Supreme Superstar Walker” and encourage Laughton to meet this goal again for 2016

Laughton Binns: Superstar Walker - Parkinson's Soc
Laughton Binns: Superstar Walker - Parkinson's Soc


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