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Students Help with Spring Clean Up

Highschool Students Give Back to Their Neighbours at Meadow Park

On May 22nd, 25th to 27th UCC (The Pines) High School Students took part in a Spring Clean Up initiative to help Meadow Park Chatham clean up the grounds and do some spring planting. This is the second time this year that high school students have taken time out of their busy schedules to give back to our long-term care home. 

Back in February of this year another local high school, CKSS (Chatham Kent Secondary School) students took part in Operation Snowman in which students built snowmen outside of resident’s windows to brighten up the winter landscape!

UCC (Pines) students along with their Grade 9 Religion Class teacher Mr. Ben Goetz approached the home about ways to give back and it was decided that the group of 27 students would lend a hand by picking up garbage, cleaning windows, planting flowers and picking weeds for 4 days. The effort was a Spring Clean-Up but the students and their teacher plan to complete a second phase to the project by making cards, writing letters, and making a few bird feeders to hang up around the property.

Resident, Mr. Acs responded with “What a nice surprise!” and a huge grin when students serenaded them in the dining room for his Birthday. The class of 27 students sang “Happy Birthday” while he was having lunch.  He was thrilled to have cupcakes and balloons delivered by the students that day.

Many other staff and family members commented on how nice it was to see so many youth taking an interest in the home and the residents who live here.

Students Helping Out Their Neighbours
Students Helping Out Their Neighbours


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