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St. Patrick's Day Celebrations 2014

Residents at Meadow Park Long Term Care in Chatham shared in the Irish spirit this week. For one resident in particular, Nancy Randall, it's a culmination of weeks of planning. 

Nancy has beeing preparing for St. Patty's Day for quite some time. And it shows! The positive energy and joy is contagious as staff, volunteers and visitors all get together to help decorate. Staff from Laundry and Dietary also lend a hand by gathering supplies for Nancy's outrageous outfit. They even participated in creating Nancy's fabulous hat!

As overheard over the laughter, "I love doing this! It makes people smile and laugh which makes me feel good. I'm already for Easter!" We don't doubt it Nancy!

Nancy's enthusiasm is shared by her fellow residents as they're inspired to get into the spirit of the holidays too. Maybe it's her willingness to colour her hair, wear hats, jewellry to make everyone smile. She's often seen during the holidays rolling through the hallways, waving to everyone she sees.

We look forward to seeing what Nancy puts together next month. Below is Nancy in her brightest green get up with the alias "Mickey Lucky Charm". Also featured in the photo gallery - J. Cowell, Chris Yacks, Fred Greene, Nancy, Betty Simpson and Joan Misselbrook.



Nancy Randall - Expressing Her Inner Irish
J. Cowell - Sharing the Luck of the Irish
J. Cowell, C. Yacks, F. Greene, B. Simpson, N. Ran


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