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Spreading The Joy At Roberta Place Long Term Care

At Christmas we were fortunate enough to meet  a delightful mother and daughter, Tara and Addison. The duo came with hand painted pictures and hand knotted polar fleece blankets for a variety of folks. The joy on the faces of the recipient residents was a treat to see.

This terrific pair had such a wonderful time meeting our residents that mom Tara took the volunteer orientation training and started as an official volunteer on Valentine’s Day.  She and Addison made heart shaped rice-krispie squares, brought chocolate hearts and made lots and lots of heart shaped valentines for the residents.

Room to room we went spreading joy and gaining lots of smiles and hugs to all those who were awake and leaving a surprise for those who were resting. It’s just amazing what this small gesture of visiting can mean on a dreary day in February. We're very fortunate to have Addison and Tara be a part of our volunteer visitors at Roberta Place. 

The Joy has now spread at their home too as "Dad" came to witness the visits and has now also signed up to take the volunteer training. The more the merrier!

Roberta Place - Valentine's Day Volunteers
Roberta Place - Valentine's Day Volunteers


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