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Solar Eclipse Celebration

Residents Gather to Participate in a Celebration of the Sun and Moon

Meadow Park - Chatham, Long-Term Care

Residents gathered on August 21st to witness history.

It was an exciting day to gather around the television to watch the total eclipse of the sun!  Residents at Meadow Park

Chatham long term care home came together with program staff to not only watch the event but to enjoy a party

complete with eclipse facts, 1/2 moon desserts, and a demonstration of an eclipse using a flashlight. 


In Chatham Ontario the eclipse was at it's fullest at approximately 2:30pm in the afternoon.  Residents gathered to

safely view the eclipse in the comfort of their TV lounge.  During that time Program Director, Joanne Jones and Activity

Aide, Amelia Livingstone did a demonstration for the residents using a homemade moon and sun.  A flashlight was

used to show the corona of the sun (similar to the picture above). 


Judy, a resident of the Chatham home had this to say, "It is so exciting to see!  Many of us will never have the chance

to see this again.  I'm so impressed with what you've done for us today.  Couldn't experence this event with a nicer

bunch of people!  You (the staff) always make it special for us!"  Resident Verna also enjoyed the event telling us that

this was her second chance to witness a solar eclipse.  "This is great!  So much fun!  I saw this in the 60's too." 

One of the home's volunteers has travelled to Kentucky to view the eclipse at it's fullest.  The resident's can't wait to

hear her stories when she is back.


The next eclipse will be in July of 2019 when it will cross Chile and Argentina.  For those of us in Canada and the

United States, it won't happen again until April of 2024!  Hamilton and Niagara Falls will be among the best places to

view the next solar eclipse.  Plenty of time to plan your very own Solar Eclipse Celebration!



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