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Residents Celebrate Rich Culture With Month-Long Event

Meadow Park Chatham Hosts Exciting And Educational "Culture Month"

Meadow Park Chatham Long Term Care Home - Chatham, Ontario

Our Meadow Park London Residents just wrapped up their month-long tribute to cultural diversity. As part of this experience, the Residents partook in an interactive lecture courtesy of the Chatham-Kent Museum & Milner House. Exploring the heritage and roots of the Battle of Thames and Shawnee Chief, Tecumseh, and participating in a private viewing of historical artifacts, including a tomahawk, gun powder horn and even a Key to the City made from a piece of a ship that was recovered in the Thames River, the group was able to learn and discover some of the areas rich secrets. As a final salute to their month of learning, the group held the "Festival of Nations," which featured Dutch, French-Canadian, Polish, Italian and Canadian music, food, pictures, crafts and art. The residents took a vote and they all agree this is an event we will hold again next year! A BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made this an unprecedented success.


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