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Meadow Park Long Term Care - Resident's Make a Splash!

On June 6, 2013 eight Meadow Park Chatham residents were able to make a splash at the local Children's Treatment Centre pool. They enjoyed an hour of swimming at the centre's fully equipped therapeutic pool. The pool is equipped with a ramp, grab bars, a lift, floatation equipment, and the water is very warm. For some of our residents it had been years since they had enjoyed the sheer pleasure of feeling weightlessness in a pool. Young and old, the residents who attended raved about their experience. Resident, Marie Aalbers, (pictured below with pT Health kinesiologist Kara Reeb) had this to say about the experience:

"I really liked it! I want to go back again. My sister-in-law had just nicely taught me to float in her pool and because of my health I was unable to do this anymore. It's been about 7 years since I was in a pool. It felt really nice to get into the warm water and float around."

The trip to the pool was sponsored by the home's Auxiliary who prides themselves on providing fun programs, entertainment and special lunches to the 100 bed long-term care home residents. The Auxiliary has been a part of the home's team since 1996. The Auxiliary were approached by the Life Enrichment staff as well as the Physiotherapy team to sponsor the rental of the pool. The Auxiliary were so excited about the event that they readily offered to pay for the whole trip, bus rental and the pool rental.

Life Enrichment Coordinator Joanne Jones had this to say about the experience:

"I have to admit I was a little skeptical about the success of this bus trip. But it didn't take long before I reali​zed how much of a positive impact this experience was having on the residents who were taking part."

Physiotherapy Assistant Denean Smith had this to say about the success of the trip:

"It was such a nice experience to work with the residents in a different way than we normally do within the home. It was fantastic to see the looks on their (the residents) faces when they got into the po​ol. They didn't want to get out!"

Smith also says that some residents had a few trepidations about getting into the pool. With the shallow water and gradual increasing depth to approximately 5 feet deep residents were able to fully submerge into the water or simply dangle their feet and legs into the water. One particular resident came simply to watch his friends take a dip he stated at the end of the trip,"I think I'd like to try going into the pool next time."

Smith also notes that a couple of the residents who normally refuse exercises were quite enthusiastic when it came to being able to swim. She states, "They immediately started moving their arms and legs around in the water. One particular resident even did several laps of the pool, simply walking and moving her arms in the water."

Moving forward, Jones feels that this is an activity worth repeating with other residents.  She is in the process of planning more trips for this coming fall.


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