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Coffee Taste Testing Challenge!

The Food Committee at Meadow Park Chatham recently participated in a Coffee Tast Testing Challenge with the help of Nestle. 

We wanted to see which flavour of coffee the residents preferred and if there is an opportunity to switched up the products in our homes. Sarah Hunniford from Nestle was on hand to assist with the tasting and serve our residents coffee and lead discussions about which coffees they prefer.

When it comes down to it, everyone has their favourite when it comes to coffee. Some like it hot, some like it light, others like it black with tons of sugar. By holding this event, we're able to celebrate the wide variety of preferences and provide that choice to each person. Having input from the residents at Meadow Park allows us to ensure incomparable qualtiy of services in our home.

The residents are very appreciative of having an opportunity to have their opinion heard. From Nutrition Manager, Arlene Hills, "We value the feedback from our residents. We want to give them opportunity to make their own choices. Food is a primary focus of our residents and we want their dining experience to be pleasureable."

Over the course of the taste test, 4 difference coffees were sampled. There was even a blind taste test (similar to the Coke and Pepsi blind taste test challenges). In the end, there was a tie! The tried tested and true coffee vs. the new kid on the block. And tradition reigns these taste buds as the Food Committee voted to keep their current brand instead of switching to a new flavour.

Thank you to all who participated and offered your two cents.

PICTURED BELOW: Resident Council Chris Yacks and fellow council mamber Shirely Mandigo toast to delicious coffee at the Coffee Taste Test Challenge!


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