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Resident Donates Hair to Canadian Cancer Society

Making a Difference to Women Across Canada

Heather Francis recalls how she and her mother would donate their hair many years ago in Etobicoke. It was a decision to help those affected by Cancer Treatment after her uncle and grandmothers on both sides succumed to the disease. This was the motivating factor behind donating in the past as well as carrying on the tradition, as she now resides at Roberta Place Long Term Care in Barrie.

"It makes me feel good," Heather says.

The Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program crafts real hair wigs for women affected by hair loss from Cancer. They then create, ships and donates real-hair wigs to women right across Canada. "This simple act of generosity makes a world of difference to women with cancer. It takes 8-15 ponytails to create one real-hair wig. This is why your support is so important" (From the Cancer Society Website).

For more information on the Pantene Beautiful Lengths Program - Visit their website or call 1-800-945-7768




Hair Donation - Canadian Cancer Society
Hair Donation - Canadian Cancer Society


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