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REC Gardening Club

Preparing Spring Flowers and Gardens

Alexander Place - Waterdown Long Term Care

A Resident-Led Event or Club (REC) is a way to bring people together and celebrate common interests and develop new friendships within long-term care. Through feedback, Alexander Place as implemented a new Gardening Club this spring for all of those residents and staff members with green thumbs!

So far we have had two staff members who have been wonderful in volunteering their time and resources to help our residents begin this project. One as offered to help us plant the seeds that she had dried out from her garden last year, and the other has offered to created outdoor planter boxes using old pallets. Both staff members have been gracious in offering their expertise in the subject as well. 


The REC Gardening Club we have been meeting in the activity rooms and planting our seeds.  We have planted peppers, tomatoes, celery, beans, eggplant, and some herbs. We will also be planted carrots and other veggies in the coming months. These vegetables will be transplanted into our home-made outdoor planter boxes (made in varying heights to accommodate ambulatory residents and residents who use a wheelchair/walker), and will be offered to the dietary staff to be used in the kitchen when ripe! We have been keeping the little plants in our greenhouse and will eventually move the plants and program outdoors when the nice weather comes. 

We have found this club to be not only a fun and meaningful activity for our residents, but also a complete sensory experience - smelling and feeling the soil, watching the seeds pop up, and eventually tasting the vegetables! The residents are very excited for the project for the fact that they will be able to care for the vegetables and eventually eat them!



REC Gardening Club - Spring 2016
REC Gardening Club - Spring 2016
REC Gardening Club - Spring 2016
REC Gardening Club - Spring 2016


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