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Honouring WWII Veteran Doug Stuart

Meadow Park Chatham - Long Term Care

After the first presentation back in November, QOV made it a priority to present a second resident at Meadow Park with a quilt and acknowledged for his service in WWII.

The Southwest Ontario Representatives of Quilts of Valour (QOV), an organization that presents specially made quilts to Veterans across Canada was present at the service to award Mr. Doug Stuart with a beautiful quilt. The quilt includes a panel with details of a Veteran’s service. The quilts are made to support our Canadian Armed Forces members, past and present, with quilts of comfort in their time of need.

Honouring a Veteran:  Mr. Stuart celebrated his 100th Birthday this past June 2015 as well! The family of Doug Stuart were very honoured to be present for their Dad and Grandfather’s presentation. They thanked the staff at Meadow Park for nominating him and thanked the Quilts of Valour for honouring Veterans across Canada including their Dad Mr. Doug Stuart.
(Also posted in a 2014 story about Doug)
Chatham Man Returns Home on “Letitia”

By Mel Sutrin
Canadian Press Staff Writer  

HALIFAX, May 21 (CP).  

It was cold and windy but the weather never looked better to the 743 battle scarred Canadian veterans of European and Italian campaigns who returned to Canada yesterday aboard the hospital ship Letitia.  

One of the largest to return to the Dominion at one time, the group represented practically every regiment in Canada, and included 17 R.C.A.F. officers and one naval rating.  

As the white hospital ship slid into the pier, blue-clad walking wounded crowded the rails to get their first glimpse of Canada. For many, it had been as long as five years. They had been held up in England by the announcement of V-E Day and left four days after. Few of the men took part in any celebrations but are all looking forward to making up for it when they are once again united with loved ones.

A veteran of fighting in Holland and Germany, Pte. Doug Stuart of Chatham, Ontario was just four miles outside of Kleve when the air force leveled the town. “We were so close the bomb blasts at times our teeth rattled every time one landed.” He was in slit trench five feet deep when hit by an 83mm shell. “I had just dug the trench and was standing in it when the shell got me. Every time I think of it I get madder than hell.”  

Notes: “R.C.A.F. is Royal Canadian Air Force. “Pte” is Private. 



QOV - Quilts of Valour Honours WWII Veteran
QOV - Quilts of Valour Honours WWII Veteran
QOV - Quilts of Valour Honours WWII Veteran


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