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Preventing Crashes Education Day

Staff Benefit From Hands On Education and Peer Support

Meadow Park - Chatham, Long Term Care

Preventing Crashes is an educational opportunity for registered staff to learn and support each other in their work environment.  The program is an initiative created by one of our House Physicians, Dr. Dave LaPierre.  This is the first installment of this group-learning initiative and with the overwhelming success expressed by staff it will not be the last.
A Little History about Preventing Crashes: (taken from preventingcrashes.ca with permission of Dr. Dave LaPierre) Preventing Crashes is an inter-professional training program helping students and health care providers build and maintain clinical competence in treating life-threatening emergencies. It is designed to be highly-effective, low-cost, and rewarding for learners and facilitators.                         
Preventing Crashes originated in 2012 during David LaPierre’s family medicine residency at a rural distributed postgraduate training site of Western University, and is currently the focus of his Master’s degree thesis at Western University, Ontario, Canada.  David is a family doctor who works in a community clinic and nursing home, as well as provides inpatient care in a community hospital.  He is an adjunct professor at Western University in the Department of Family Medicine.”
On Thursday October 13, 2016 Meadow Park Chatham RN’s Samantha Allison and Jessica Francis worked together with one of Meadow Park’s House Physicians, Dr. Dave LaPierre to provide a refresher day and valuable Q&A time for 9 registered staff.  The goal, Jessica says, is to review 4 key emergency situations that would be the most likely situations to occur in our LTC setting at Meadow Park.  1) Cardiac Arrest, 2) Airway Obstruction, 3) Anaphylaxis, and 4) Hypoglycemia.  The team wanted to provide an opportunity for staff to practice valuable skills in an environment where they can ask questions and review potential scenarios together as a group.
RN and co-facilitator Samantha Allison states, “this (program) is a time for us to become more comfortable and confident as a team in emergency situations.” 
The above mentioned areas are emergency scenarios that Registered Staff may more commonly deal with in the Long-Term Care setting but because these situations (thankfully) do not happen every day it is important to practice the valuable and lifesaving skills associated with each of these emergency situations.  The training provided through Preventing Crashes provides valuable knowledge that benefits the whole team and allows staff to feel confident and prepared to help our residents in emergency situations.  Dr. LaPierre began this journey 3 years ago and this event marked the very first implementation of this program.   
Staff present for the session discussed case studies and moved from station to station to practice skills in mock simulations with valuable tips from Dr. LaPierre and RN’s Samantha Allison and Jessica Francis.
The learning environment offered those present an opportunity to ask questions, discuss concerns and ultimately raise confidence levels in a non-judgmental and positive environment.
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