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Painting for Palliative Care

Residents, staff and family attend paint night series

Royal Rose Place - Welland, Ontario

Royal Rose Place hosted a series of paint nights with residents, staff and family since September to help raise awareness and resources for our palliative care program.  When a resident’s approach to care becomes palliative, the goal is to treat all active health issues and prevent new issues from occurring.  It creates the opportunity for a resident to engage in meaningful experiences, personal and spiritual growth through any stage of life. (Source: The Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care)

Each paint night featured a different artistic scene and we welcomed several residents, staff, family members and their children.  Everyone was eager to wear art aprons, embrace their creativity and share hours of laughter.

Not only were the participants supporting a great cause but there are also individual benefits to painting.  Here are six great benefits to painting that promote mental health and overall quality of life:

-      Fosters Creative Growth

-      Strengthen Memory

-      Builds Problem-Solving and Motor Skills

-      Offers Stress Relief

-      Promotes an Optimistic Attitude

-      Nurtures Emotional Growth

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A special THANK YOU to The Peachy Palette for leading our paint nights!


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