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OLTCA Circle of Excellence - Volunteer Awards 2016

Meadow Park London - Long Term Care

The volunteer that Meadow Park London feels most passionate about is Stephanie Torok. She has been volunteering here for 2 years and each year she brings more to our residents.

She was born with both Cerebral Palsy and Epilepsy as a result of a stroke she had when she was born. Her Cerebral Palsy throw off her balance so she uses a walker or a scooter to get around and stay safe. She has a service dog named Lola, from Lions Foundation of Canada Guide Dogs, that gives her independence and helps her when needed.

Even through all this adversity she brings smiles to the residents’ faces. Through the year she will make individualize birthday cards for each resident to help them celebrate their special day. She finds out what they are interested in such as fishing, dogs and gears the card to them. She creates handmade Christmas cards for all the residents. She makes sure that each and every one of our 126 residents has a card at Christmas addressed to them. Also at Christmas time, Stephanie will knit hats and mitts for the residents that may not be able to afford to purchase their own. She understands how important it is to the residents who enjoy the outdoors in the winter months.

Stephanie comes bi-weekly to spend time with the residents through her one to one visits. She is always observing the residents and telling us whenever she has a concern or has noticed a change in them. Stephanie is diverse in what she helps the home with as she will sort the mail for the residents. She divides the mail into unit sections which then allows the residents to deliver the mail as it is more manageable. She fosters independence within the residents so that it empowers residents to succeed at their tasks. Stephanie goes over and above for the residents on a day to day basis but she also advocates for the care of seniors.

Stephanie has continued to provide us with support through rallying names in our plea to the government to provide seniors with better care. She has collected over 200 names herself and when she is here she will speak to the families and visitors to encourage them to send a letter to the government in support. Stephanie has always been a volunteer. She helped out at the Arts Project at Hutton House and summer programs for over 5 years while volunteering at Meadow Park. She has made a real difference in our home and we really appreciate her. Great Job Stephanie!!


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