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Opening the Doors to the Community

Meadow Park tries to include the community in a variety of ways that benefit the residents.

Meadow Park- London, Ontario

Firstly we bring in new education to the home to train the staff.  In the month of April we hosted an aromatherapy course that included other long term care homes and businesses.  In May we will be hosting a music education workshop and REACT meeting.  These educational sessions are then included on the calendar to provide residents with new experiences.

Secondly, we bring in community groups that provide programming. As other long term care homes we bring in a variety of entertainment, dancers, church groups, pet therapy and more. Our newest venture is over the summer months we will partner up with the City of London “Senior Satellite Program” where people of the community will do a variety of physical programs and residents are able to participate or watch if they like.

We provide residents the ability to go out into the community through special drives each month.  We enjoy shopping at White Oaks Mall, Shoppers Drug Mart or Giant Tiger.  We go on afternoon drives to Springbank Park, Port Stanley, Dorchester and Komoka to name just a few.  We also encourage residents to request locations so that we can meet their needs. 

Lastly, we provide the ability for residents to bring their community in.  We have families book our activity rooms for special events all the time.  We have birthday parties, anniversary parties, and special seasonal parties such as Easter or Christmas.   We encourage residents to invite their families and social connections to their home.  We can set up the program and provide catering if they need help.  We want to make this as easy and comfortable as possible.

Community is a place where you can develop friendships and relationships with others who share your same values and forms of entertainment. Scientific evidence supports the notion that being around others actually decreases your risk of developing health complications. It’s amazing what building a community can do for you. (http://rehabtrust.com/why-community-is-important-for-everyone-especially-seniors/)


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