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NASCAR Race Day!

The Winner's Circle came to Meadow Park in Chatham as they recreated the excitement of NASCAR for a new resident activity program.

Summer student Amelia Livingstone and Activity Aide’s Stephanie L. and Jennifer D. were inspired by the popular car races to create a new life enrichment program. Stephanie is an avid NASCAR fan and initiated one-to-one time with resident Lloyd when she discovered he always watched the races prior to coming into the long-term care home. She hooks up the lap top and replays the races for Lloyd every chance she gets. 

It turns out that it wasn't just Lloyd who enjoys the fast paced action of the races! As the life enrichment department and activity aides collaborated in putting plans together, they found that there were more residents that were interested in participating as well.

One of the highlights was when the group introduced a game based on the popular game "Horse Races". But instead of horses, they used "horsepower" in the form of model cars and made game day flags to cheer on their favourites. Residents bet on which cars would get the checkered flag for bragging rights and time in the winner's circle.

"It was a great time and fun to bet on the cars! I was hoping the red Mustang would win! I was really hoping!!" - Resident May R.

Well May definitely got in the spirit - "Boogity, Boogity, Boogity, Let's Go Racin' Boys"! 


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