Meadow Park Chatham

(519) 351-1330 - 110 Sandys Street Chatham, Ontario

Moonlight Bingo

Meadow Park Chatham Brings To Life Creative Activity During Scheduled Maintenance In The Home!

Meadow Park Chatham Long Term Care Home - Chatham, ON.

Scheduled maintenance won't stop Meadow Park Chatham from having fun! In order to embrace the dark, the amazing Life Enrichment Team adapted to the situation and hosted Moonlight Bingo! Residents eagerly gathered together in the Dining Room, which was staged with lanterns, tealights, flashlights and glow-stick necklaces. The Bingo was kicked off by Activity Aide, Karen, calling the balls while wearing her head lamp. Residents, who were served root beer and "near beer" as well as munchies, reveled in the unique experience, and winners were able to choose the ultimate prize from a collection of snacks and light up room ornaments. While the lights were only out for a short period of time, the Residents can't wait for the next Moonlight Bingo event. We are so proud of our creative Life Enrichment Team, and are excited to see what they come up with next!


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