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Milk Bag Project

Over 2700 milk bags recycled into mats for the poor

Avalon Care Centre-Orangeville, Long Term Care

Written by Virginia Mees & Sherry Braic

How it all began...

Following the 2010 Haitian earthquake Angela Kesthely launched Milk Bags Unlimited, a volunteer initiative that has helped countless people in need across the globe. The milk bags do not decompose and would otherwise be polluting the environment, damaging wildlife and ecosystems are transformed into durable waterproof and bug resistant sleep mats. These mats will also be used by health professionals as emergency surgical mats where resources and supplies are scarce The mats are shipped overseas as packing in containers of food and supplies sent by the charity Canadian Food for Children, and then are distributed to those in need. It takes about 400 milk bags to make one adult size mattress 

The Spiritual Care Advisor Virginia Mees gathered a team of residents at Avalon Care Centre to take part in a “Milk Bag Project”. Residents involved with the Milk bag projects have produced and completed 9 milk bag mats which have now been sent off to be re-distributed to the poorest of the poor in the world. The 9 mats were made from bags collected from the Avalon dietary staff, families and staff donations.  To complete the 9 mats approximately 2700 - 3600 bags were collected and used.

A pillow was added to each completed mat made from sewn fabric scraps and un-used milk bag scraps so nothing was wasted.  

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