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Meadow Parks Got Talent

Residents, family, volunteers and staff come together to show off their talent.

Meadow Park Long Term Care Home- London, Ontario

On Friday, October 27th, at 2:00pm, Meadow Park showed off their talent.  The event started with residents showing off their creative styles through artwork, sewing, original poetry and playing spoons.  We then had one resident explain how he can speak five languages and tell a few stories.  Our very own staff joined in by one group playing the drums and singing some old classics.  Another staff played the guitar and sang an original song and lastly a staff show us how to do the worm dance.  The management team also joined in by showing off her step dancing.  We didn't stop there!!  We had family and volunteers show us their talent by playing the guitar and violin.  The event closed off with the Meadow Park Choir singing two songs.  Nicole Ross, Administrator, was quoted as saying "Today we celebrated talents but also supported each other.  Knowing a PSW was nervous but stood in front of everyone and snag with ther guitar to a silent crowd.  Hands clapping for others who entertained and cuased great cheers, each and every participant putting themselves out there and feeling the support and excitement.  Residents sharing art, quilts, stories, poetry and our very own choir.  Family and volunteers joined in with their talents too.  Thank you all , it was a brillant day and the perfect example of what this home is all about."  



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