Roberta Place

(705) 733-3231 - 503 Essa Rd. Barrie, Ontario

31 Days of Awesome!

During the month of May, please drop by Roberta Place and take a moment to write on our banner ANYTHING that feels awesome to you.  Could be anything from the winning the lottery, to a smile that a loved one gives, or a  rainbow after a storm, or how someone made your day.  Let’s share all those AWESOME moments.

If you're not able to drop by, send us an AWESOME message through our Contact Submission Form or by sending us a testimonial or review. The board will be up for the month and accessible for staff, residents, visitors, families and volunteers!

Let's take an AWESOME moment to recognize all of the staff that have gone above and beyond since the beginning of 2014. Staff that have earned a merit gram since January this year for their AWESOMENESS: Judy W., Nicole D., Unice O.,  Katrina C., Suanesha L., Tracy B., Hiam J., Mariette B., Stephanie  D., Virginia F., Elaine L., Amelia P., Joan S. and Joanne W.

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