Avalon Retirement Lodge

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Making the Most of Winter

Residents enjoy a month of wintertime traditions

Avalon Retirement Lodge- Orangeville, Ontario

During these cold winter months, some prefer to stay in and keep warm while others prefer to bundle up and get outdoors. Some residents made their own Specialty Hot Chocolate on those cold winter days, and enjoyed this in the company of good friends. Others went outside to enjoy some snowshoeing on the trails.

Some enjoyed cozying up indoors to watch the Wintertime Movie Marathon. Others went out to the Galaxy Cinema to attend Monday Night at the Movies.

Occasionally, we brought pieces of the outdoors inside. During one of our Wintertime Science Series sessions, we explored the Science of Igloos. This was followed by an igloo building competition with real snow. Our hands got a little cold, but it was so worth it!

Regardless of a preference for outdoor vs. indoor activities, there were options for all!



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